New Asylee Orientation

Register for the New Asylee Orientation, now conducted online, with opportunities for questions and answers.

Orientation Date & Time. Held the second Tuesday of the month. 10am – 12:30pm
1/11/2022     5/10/2022    9/13/2022
2/08/2022    6/14/2022    10/11/2022
3/08/2022    7/12/2022    11/08/2022
4/12/2022    8/09/2022    12/13/2022

This orientation is conducted in English. We must have at least three registrants to provide interpretation in Spanish or Mandarin. We are working to provide other languages. Please have an interpreter or someone to assist you.

The San Francisco Asylum Office is pleased to announce a virtual orientation for persons with asylum status. You have the right to programs and new benefits and resources as a newly granted asylee. Some of these benefits are limited and time sensitive, beginning on the date that you are granted asylum. This orientation focuses on California benefits and services. However, some information applies to persons with asylum status throughout the U.S.A.

This webinar is offered by partner agencies* and shares important information on:

  • Your right to employment
  • Health insurance and healthcare
  • Cash and food benefits
  • The education system in the U.S.
  • Immigration and other legal issues such as family reunification, travel and how to stay on track to adjust status to lawful permanent residency
  • Contact links to government agencies and resource
  • Assistance to link to first medical care through the California Office of Refugee Health

To Register for the Orientation: Aim your mobile camera on the QR Code below. Then click “open” in your browser link.

Or follow the link:

You will need to enter your mobile number or email in order to receive a registration link.

After you register for the orientation you will receive a link to join via Zoom. You must have an electronic device such as computer or smartphone to view the webinar. You will have the opportunity to ask general questions. Your identity will NOT be visible to other participants.


New Asylee Orientation Materials

SLIDES: New Asylee Orientation Presentation slides: English [PDF], Spanish [PDF], Simplified Chinese [PDF]. Other translations coming soon.
New Asylee Timeline to Citizenship English and Spanish.
What to Do After You are Granted Asylum & What to take with you to apply for benefits programs for all counties [PDF]
How to obtain an I-94 if you were granted asylum by the court
Example Testament for persons who apply for public benefits with no bank account or no rental contract: English [DOC], Spanish [DOC] 
USCIS Welcomes Refugees and Asylees

USCIS “How do I “ Guides for Refugees and Asylees:

  1. How do I help my relative get refugee or asylees status in the United States?
  2. How do I show my employer that I am authorized to work in the United States?
  3. How do I become a permanent resident?
  4. How do I get a refugee travel document?
List of items needed to apply for a REAL ID and Fact Sheet
Process to Prepare for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident “green card” application 
Language accessibility card to request an interpreter when visiting agencies
Free templates for U.S. Resumes & Cover Letters for job search (Resumes in the USA do NOT include birthday, age, marital status, or immigration status)   

Additional Resources for Asylees

What to do after being granted asylum status in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin counties: English [PDF], Spanish [PDF], Chinese [PDF], Arabic [PDF], Russian [PDF], and Portuguese [PDF].
Apply for public benefits at the county where you live - New asylees may apply for important public benefits (for example: Cash Aid, Medi-Cal, and CalFresh). Apply for these benefits NOW as many of them are time-limited. Click HERE to find out where to go.
Other CA County benefits offices
Timeline for New Asylees is a helpful guideline of important timeframes. This is available in English and Spanish.
Refugee/Asylee Health Assessment services in Washington and Oregon [PDF]
Asylee Workers Rights: Refugees and Asylees have the Right To Work and Information for Refugees and Asylees About the Form I-9
How to Avoid Fraud When Seeking Immigration Legal Services (ILRC)
Asylee Outreach Project info and resources

Asylees and refugees are among a list of immigrants who are NOT affected by the public charge rule. Visit the San Francisco Human Services Agency website and California Department of Social Services for more information.

*This virtual orientation is hosted by the following organizations: The California Department of Public Health’s Office of Refugee Health, The San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Newcomers Health Program, the International Rescue Committee of San Jose (IRC San Jose), the International Rescue Committee of Turlock (IRC Turlock) and the language access organization Tarjimly.

Asylee Benefits Orientation Recordings

Part 1: Important Documents (0:00)
Part 2: Refugee/Asylee Programs and Benefits (15:59)
Part 3: Health Care (29:37)
Part 4: Employment (43:30)
Part 5: Education (52:05)
Part 6: Other Immigration Topics (57:25)
Part 7: New Responsibilities & Helpful Resources (1:06:14)

Cantonese 粤语

第一部分: 重要文件 (0:00)
第二部分: 难民/庇护计划和福利 (16:19)
第三部分: 医疗保健 (29:56)
第四部分: 就业 (43:44)
第五部分: 教育 (50:51)
第六部分: 其他移民问题 (55:28)
第七部分: 新责任与资源 (1:04:16)

Mandarin - 普通话

第一部分: 重要文件 (0:00)
第二部分: 难民/庇护计划和福利 (16:45)
第三部分: 医疗保健 (30:38)
第四部分: 就业 (45:05)
第五部分: 教育 (52:52)
第六部分: 其他移民问题 (57:38)
第七部分: 新责任与资源 (1:06:18)

Spanish - Español

Orientación para nuevos asilados
Parte 1: Documentos importantes (0:00)
Parte 2: Programas y Beneficios para Refugiados/Asilados (16:42)
Parte 3: Asistencia Médica (30:52)
Parte 4: Empleo (44:59)
Parte 5: Educación (54:24)
Parte 6: Otros temas de Inmigración (59:53)
Parte 7: Nuevas Responsabilidades y Recursos útiles (1:08:23)