Established in 2007, SF-CAIRS is a coalition of organizations serving the San Francisco Bay Area asylee, immigrant and refugee community and service providers. SF-CAIRS is a multidisciplinary body of over 60 agencies and 240 members with representation from city, state and federal partners, community-based organizations, employment, immigration and health care providers, educational and vocational training organizations and other support services.

We collaborate to ensure all immigrants live healthy and productive lives in a safe and inclusive environment by expanding resource knowledge among service providers about health, employment, social, education and legal services for recent refugees, political asylees and immigrants in San Francisco.

SF-CAIRS aims to serve San Francisco Bay Area asylee, immigrant and refugee communities and its service providers by:

  • Expanding knowledge, linkage, and access to healthcare, employment, social, education and legal services;
  • Supporting advocacy efforts through coalition-wide networking, information sharing, cross-referrals, and community outreach;
  • Identifying and addressing challenges faced by immigrants at personal and structural levels.

SF-CAIRS Leadership Team:

Cristy Dieterich, SF-DPH, Newcomers Health Program-SF Refugee Health Assessment Program
Email: Cristy.Dieterich@sfdph.org