Health Benefits & Assistance

Medical Programs and Benefits:

Asylees, Refugees, SIVs and T-visa holders that meet income thresholds are eligible for Full Scope no-cost or low-cost Medi-Cal (health insurance coverage)  Apply online: 

Medi-Cal (Health Insurance), CalFresh (Food Assistance) and/or CalWORKS (Cash & Employment Assistance).  Once you have applied for a Social Security Number you may apply for these programs all at once online at OR apply by phone at the numbers listed below.  

After you apply You will receive a Notice of Action (NOA) or a Request for Information within 30-45 days. The Notice of Action will inform you of your benefits and list each eligible individual in your household. If more information is needed you will receive a Request for Information.  Respond quickly to avoid delays. To speak with someone or follow up you can also call the Human Services Agency Office for your county:  

  • San Francisco county: 415-558-4700  
  • San Mateo county: 1-800-223-8383 
  • Marin county: 877-410-8817 

If you disagree with the eligibility decision, you may call 1-800-223-8383 for an explanation or you may file for a State Hearing by completing the back of your Notice of Action.

Once you have been approved for Medi-Cal, you will receive a Benefits Identification Card (BIC) in the mail.

Agency/Organization Phone
Medi-Cal health insurance 415-863-9892
Health Care Access: A Guide to Health Care
Programs in San Francisco
1 (800) 288-5555
1 (415) 547-7800
Healthy San Francisco 415-701-2311
International Rescue Committee 510-452-8222
San Francisco Health Plan 415-777-9992
NICOS Chinese Health Coalition
NICOS Chinese Health Coalition provides enrollment
assistance for Covered CA and Medi-Cal in San Francisco.
Our assisters and can speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin
and Vietnamese. Please call our main line at (415) 788-6426
to schedule an appointment.
Human Service Agency 415-557-5723
Healthy Families